Still Life with Vegetables

Still Life with Vegetables

Yesterday was the last pick-up day of the season for The Food Project, which is a local CSA (community supported agriculture organization).  From May to October, every Thursday afternoon, we have gone out to Long Hill Gardens here in Beverly, Massachusetts, to pick up our weekly grab bag of produce. We had hoped to take some pictures out there yesterday, but it was raining the proverbial cats and dogs.  So instead, I took this picture of some of what was in our “grab bag.”

There is a lot of work involved in being part of a CSA, I will give you that.  But there is a lot to like about it, too.  And one of the things I like best is that it brings out the adventure and creativity  in cooking.

To get this photo, I actually just put my iPhone camera down inside the bag and took a picture.  The resulting light effects gives this the look of a Rembrandt-era still life, a reminder that there is beauty—and even artistry—to be found in the garden and in the kitchen.

Photo by Randa Dubnick.  All rights reserved.


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